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Socially Responsible Investors (SRI)

The duty of Equitix must always be to promote the interest of its beneficiaries by seeking a good return on their investments. We believe this can be entirely consistent with a socially responsible approach to investment.

Equitix’s mission is to respond to increasing environmental demands by developing its strategies in order to help meet environmental targets and expectations in the UK and further afield. By incorporating Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) policy within the investment process we believe that we can contribute towards making these changes.

We incorporate ESG policy and request socially responsible analysis and reporting within corporate governance of the projects we own and manage through all of our Funds and in turn we report on, develop and review our Responsible Investment Policy periodically to incorporate the evolving needs of our investors. Furthermore we have a fund dedicated to making investments within the energy efficiency sector which will make a direct contribution to the reduction of energy consumption and green house gas emissions.

As socially responsible investors, we are committed to engaging with partners, advisors and other organisations in a constructive way to achieve a positive agenda for change both reactively, prompted by events, and also proactively, highlighting the issues that matter to our investors.

We are supporters of a number of important initiatives relating to responsible and sustainable investment. This includes the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment ( and UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (

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